Jail Rules and Regulations

Jail Rules and Regulations.

I.  VISITATION: All of visitation is now done through which is a video chat format; there are no longer face to face visits through the glass. You can access the website at home or on one of our 3 visitation monitors here to set up your account OR to have your visit.

  • ON-SITE VISITS – must be scheduled at least 24hours in advance and are ONLY available Monday and Saturday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm ONE time per week
    • If you are visiting here at the jail, you still need to check at the front window before being sent down to the visitation kiosks.
  • HOME VISITS – are available any time and as many times as you would like. There is a .25 a minute charge to utilize the site outside of our building.

II.  INMATE PROPERTY: The ONLY items we accept are:

  1. Eyewear (Prescription Glasses, Contacts or solution in new unopened container)
  2. Oral aids (dentures or denture cream and denture sanitizer in new unopened packages)
  3. Prescription Medications in current, up to date, valid prescription bottles properly labeled with inmate name

WHITES will need to be ordered from Commissary unless on indigent status, then they will be provided these items. Commissary is ordered on Tuesday evenings by 8pm and delivered to inmates on Saturdays.

III.  MAIL: Mail is received and delivered Monday through Saturday with the exception of Holidays when the Post Office is closed. Inmates will ONLY receive post cards with a full return name & address and no bigger than 5x7 (there will be NO letters accepted, NO envelopes, nothing folded, stapled or taped). Address all post cards as follows:

Inmate Full Name (First and Last)
Phelps County Jail
500 W 2nd St
Rolla, MO 65401

IV.  INMATE FUNDS: If you wish to add funds to an inmate’s commissary account you may do so by using the Kiosk in our Lobby, by calling 1-866-933-6386 or by going to

  • Money cards WILL ONLY be released to the inmate.
  • If transported to another facility, the inmate’s money will transfer with them.

V.  RELEASE OF PROPERTY: After an inmate is released from our custody, their property is only held for 7 days please make sure the person it was left to makes arrangements to get it picked up in that timeframe.

VI.  ADDITIONAL: All additional commissary and money questions are to be directed to Theresa by calling the main line 573-426-3860 and asking to speak with her.

  • We DO NOT release Medications to anyone except the inmate.
  • We DO NOT discuss transport dates for the safety of the transport.