Inmate Handbook

Inmate Handbook.

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SHERIFFS MESSAGE: As Sheriff, the citizens of Phelps County have entrusted the responsibility of maintaining a safe and secure jail to me and the personnel who work in the jail. Your rights will be protected during your stay at the Phelps County Jail. However, you are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of other inmates, jail personnel, visitors and others you come into contact with as well as to follow the jail rules and regulations. Your behavior will determine your housing unit assignment and the number of privileges given to you. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a jail officer for assistance. You may also complete an Inmate Request form as outlined in this handbook.

FORWARD: You are now in the custody of the Phelps County Sheriff s Department. You have been provided access of this Inmate Handbook to answer any questions you may have regarding your stay in the jail.



EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: You are to respect the rights of your fellow inmates, jail personnel, visitors and others you come into contact with. You are to refrain from abusive, profane or racially offensive language. You are to immediately obey directions and orders as given by jail personnel. You are to help maintain a clean, sanitary housing unit. You are to maintain daily personal hygiene habits (e.g.: shower, brushing teeth, washing, and overall cleanliness). You are to respect the property of the Phelps County Jail and the property of all others. You are to follow the rules and regulations as outlined in this handbook. Your conduct, good or bad, will be reported to your assigned Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and Department of Corrections, if applicable. Your behavior in jail will weigh heavily in figuring your sentence and classification.

SECURITY: Security is the number one rule of the jail. Security measures must be followed or disciplinary measures may result. All prisoners will be searched by arresting/delivering officers upon arrival to booking. All inmates are handcuffed and leg ironed when moved to and from the facility All inmates, including inmate workers, are subject to a pat search at any time. All inmate’s property is subject to search at any time, including legal work. All inmates Housing Units and Dayrooms are subject to search at any time. All inmates are subject to disciplinary measures for violations listed in this handbook and violations may result in court prosecution.

CONTRABAND: No inmate is ever allowed to possess contraband. Contraband is defined by the following guidelines: Any item or material that is not issued or distributed by the jail; Any item or material issued by the jail or purchased by the inmate, but used in a manner not intended by original form, (e.g.: A sheet issued by the jail, but used by the inmate as a rag or head covering or clothesline, food used to make alcoholic beverages); Any item or material distributed by the jail or purchased by the inmate that has been altered from its original form; Any controlled dangerous substance as defined by the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act; A weapon of any kind; Any kind of identification card or I.D., (e.g.: Social Security card, driver’s license); Money, currency, or change; Any alcoholic beverage; Any tobacco product or item used to smoke tobacco product to include matches, lighters, rolling paper, etc.; or; Any item or material ordered from a publisher according to jail policy, but deemed offensive according to community and legal standards. Possession of contraband will result in disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.

RIGHTS: As an inmate of the Phelps County Jail, you have certain rights. A right is something you are justly entitled to according to local, state or federal law. Your rights are protected by law and cannot be taken away from you. However, it may become necessary to modify your rights according to the finding of a disciplinary hearing if jail rules and regulations have been violated and for the safety and security of the jail. You have the right to a safe, secure and sanitary living area; You have the right to the same rights as other inmates regardless of your race, religion, sex, nationality, or disability; You have the right to emergency medical, dental, and mental health care at your own expense; You have the right to reasonable visitation based on your conduct; You have the right to correspond with all persons and agencies with the exception of other inmates within the jail or other correctional facilities - or receive material considered offensive by community or legal standards; You have the right to freedom of religion and voluntary worship; You have the right to be informed of rules, regulations and procedures; You have the right to private visits and mail from your legal counsel.

PRIVILEGES: All services and functions not listed as Inmate Rights are considered Inmate Privileges. Your privileges are granted by the Phelps County Jail and may be taken or modified at any time without specific reason.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: If you commit any of the following acts while an inmate in the jail, the result will be discipline and/or prosecution. Also, attempting to commit, aiding others to commit, or making plans to commit any of the following offenses will be considered the same as committing the offense. Reports of misconduct will be provided to the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, Probation and Parole, and Department of Corrections where applicable.

MAJOR VIOLATIONS: Murder; Assault; Escaping or Attempting Escape; Starting a Fire; Possessing any weapon, such as a firearm, knife, sharpened instrument, or unauthorized tool (a lighter is considered a weapon and is classified as an explosive device); Rioting; Encouraging others to riot; Sodomy; Rape.

Calling Officers or staff members derogatory or offensive names or using offensive hand gestures; Threatening another person with bodily harm or an offense against another person; Theft - From another inmate or the County Making a false report or filing a frivolous grievance; Pulling a fire alarm; Interfering or tampering with a security camera; Kicking, hitting, slapping or tampering with any pod, cell or fire door; Leaning on, pulling or climbing on an evacuation yard fence; Destroying, defacing or damaging another inmates property; Tampering with or blocking any locking device; Possessing or using any narcotic, narcotic paraphernalia, drugs, or intoxicants not prescribed by or approved by a jail physician; Misusing prescribed medications; Engaging in or encouraging a group demonstration; Supervising, controlling, exercising or assuming authority over another inmate; Possession of contraband as defined above; Fighting; Sexual proposals or threats to others; Indecent exposure (e.g.: walking nude from shower to cell, exposing yourself); Demanding or receiving anything of value in exchange for protecting another from bodily harm; Violation of commissary rules and regulations, to include fraud, forgery or deceit; Encouraging others to refuse to work or participating in work stoppages; Refusing to obey an order by jail personnel; Lying or providing false information to jail personnel; Disrupting or interfering with the security or orderly running of the jail facility; Making intoxicants or using intoxicants; Tattooing or causing self-mutilation; Giving or offering anything of value to jail personnel; Bribing jail personnel; Disrupting or interfering with the security or orderly running of the courts or the transportation to and from the courts; Writing on the surface areas of Housing Units (walls, beds, furniture, etc.); and Tampering with any jail fixture. (Any fixture that may be an item or surface owned by the Phelps County Jail.)

MINOR VIOLATIONS: Correspondence or attempted correspondence between inmates by use of notes, kites, telephone or other inmates as messengers; Loaning or selling property or anything of value for profit or increased returns; Possessing unauthorized clothing or unauthorized use of jail issued clothing, bedding or linens; Refusing to work; Abusing a dayroom or cell intercom (e.g.: asking for the time, asking for fingernail clippers); Making or attempting to make three-way phone calls; Stock piling toilet paper or other personal hygiene items; Possession of commissary without a receipt; Possession of excessive or unauthorized commissary; Having an unexcused absence from work or assignment; Pretending to be ill (malingering); Failing to perform work according to the instructions of an officer; Being insolent to jail personnel; Being unsanitary or untidy - failing to keep yourself and your quarters in accordance with prescribed instructions; Being in an unauthorized area; Going across the red line in the pods unless directed to do so by jail staff or to use a phone located across the red line; Failing to follow safety or sanitary regulations; Gambling; Using abusive or obscene language and/or gestures; Making an unauthorized contact with the public; Unauthorized use of mail or phone privileges, this includes using another inmates Homewav account or mail; Soliciting business for a bonds person or attorney; Hanging pictures or any other item on the walls of Housing Units or over lights/light fixtures; Property (other than authorized legal work and reading materials) not properly stored; Trading commissary items; and Inmate s currently on indigent status are not allowed to trade or give personal hygiene items or indigent items to other inmates (these items must be returned to jail personnel).

DISCIPLINE: If you have violated an inmate rule or regulation, a Shift Supervisor will investigate the charges and inform you of the violation. If you desire to appeal the disciplinary action, you will have up to 24 hours to prepare for the hearing to be held by the on-duty Shift Supervisor. If you waive the 24 hour notice the on-duty Shift Supervisor will hold your hearing immediately. If you do not agree with the finding and/or discipline given by the Shift Supervisor, you may appeal to a Sergeant. The Sergeant will review the facts surrounding the violation regarding your appeal and may hold another hearing if they deem necessary. The finding and/or discipline may be affirmed or modified. If you disagree with the decision made by the Sergeant, you may make a final appeal to the Jail Administrator and he/she will respond within 72 hours after receiving the final appeal. The final decision made by the Jail Administrator is final and may not be appealed. Possible punishments for any violations are as follows: Confinement in disciplinary segregation; Filing of additional charges; Loss of commissary privileges; Loss of telephone privileges; Loss of visitation privileges (visitation to family and/or friends); Loss of inmate worker status and return to general population; Loss of television; and/or; Loss of recreation room privileges (recreation with other inmates); One Major Violation or two or more Minor Violations will result in losses of the above for two weeks or longer. One Minor Violation will result in losses of the above for up to two weeks.

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE: You may submit a grievance to the Jail Supervisory Staff if you feel you have been subjected to abuse or abridgement of your Constitutional Rights while incarcerated. You are limited to one issue/incident per grievance submission. You are not permitted to file a grievance on behalf of other detainees.

Grievances are submitted on the kiosk in the dayroom. You must file your grievance within forty-eight (48) hours of the alleged abuse or abridgement you are reporting (unless you are reporting sexual abuse/harassment) and include specific details supporting your grievance. A Jail Supervisory Staff member will investigate your grievance and resolve any issues found. You will be notified of the findings electronically or (if kiosk is not available) in writing only.

If you feel the Jail Supervisory Staff member did not adequately address your grievance, you may submit a Grievance Appeal on the kiosk in the day room. Another Jail Supervisory Staff member will address the Grievance Appeal. You must file your grievance appeal within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving written notification of the Jail Supervisory Staff’s findings/actions and include specific details explaining why you feel that the response was not appropriate. A member of the Jail Supervisory Staff will investigate your appeal and resolve any issues found. You will be notified of the Grievance Appeal findings electronically or (if kiosk is not available) in writing only.

If you feel the member of the Jail Supervisory Staff did not adequately address your grievance appeal, you may submit a Jail Administrator Appeal on the kiosk in the dayroom. You must file your Jail Administrator Appeal withing forty-eight (48) hours of receiving written notification of the Jail Supervisory Staff member’s findings/actions and include specific details. The Jail Administrator or his designee will investigate your appeal and resolve any issues found. You will be notified of the Jail Administrator Appeal or his designee’s findings electronically or (if kiosk is not available) in writing only.

Inmate Grievances are for the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department and Jail only. If you have a grievance about your attorney, the courts, an outside law enforcement agency, or any other agency or person, you may contact the person(s) or agency by mail or telephone.

Your failure to follow the detailed Grievance Procedure will disqualify you from the grievance process.
Inmate Grievances are for the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department and Jail only. If you have a grievance about your attorney, the courts, an outside law enforcement agency, or any other outside agency or person, you may contact the person(s) or agency by mail or telephone.

REQUESTS: As an inmate, you may submit a Request on the kiosk in the pod. If you have an emergency, you need to call the control officer via one of the intercoms in your pod dayroom or cell. You should complete the form as legibly as possible. If you have requested something outside the scope of the jail, if your request is denied or if there will be a delay to your request, the Jail Supervisor will explain this to you. Request forms will not be accepted if you do not fill out correctly; as well, any offensive language or threatening content will not be tolerated within the request. Most requests will be answered by the end of the shift on which they are submitted. Any requests dealing with administration matters (money, commissary accounts, etc.) are forwarded to the administration staff and may not be answered immediately.

Inmate Requests are for the Phelps County Sheriff s Department and Jail only. If you have a request for your attorney, the courts, an outside law enforcement agency, or any other outside agency or person, you may contact the person(s) or agency by mail or telephone.

DRESS-IN: Upon being booked in to the Phelps County Jail, you were given a laundry bag with your issued items contained within it. The items should include one extra striped uniform, one blanket, one sheet (flat), one roll of toilet paper, one cup (clear plastic), one toothbrush, one tube of toothpaste, one comb, one ink pen, one deodorant, one bar of soap, one plastic spork, and one towel. You should also have one striped uniform on, along with one pair of crocs or sandals. You may only remove your stripe shirt during recreation time. If at any time you are not exercising or are called to the pod door, you must have your striped shirt back on. You should have received a mattress just before being placed within your housing unit. These are the only items that you will be issued. Your hygiene kit, commissary items, reading material, and legal material must all fit inside your jail issued laundry bag, which is issued at the time of dress-in. The only exception is reading materials issued by the jail or excess legal material which may be kept in your housing area, but not on empty bunks or window sills, provided the amount of legal material does not violate fire/safety codes and providing legal materials are kept neat. Excessive property will be inventoried and placed in your personal property storage or destroyed.

PROPERTY PERSONAL PROPERTY: Inmate Property accepted by the Phelps County Jail will ONLY consist of items that will fit into the containers in the booking room. For a size comparison, any property held for the inmate must fit into a large shoe box. Your personal property has been placed in an Inmate Personal Property Bag and stored in the booking property room located in the booking area. It is your responsibility to verify your personal property list before you sign it during the book in process. If you are unable to post bond, it is suggested that you contact a family member to pick up your valuables. Your personal clothing may not be released unless you have been sentenced to the Department of Corrections and we have received confirmation from the courts. You may release your personal property by completing an Inmate Property Release form. A family member or friend of your choice must present picture identification to a Jail Officer at the Jail. Property may be released at any time except during visitation, meals or security lockdowns. The Jail Officer will bring the form to you and you may elect to sign or not sign the form. You will not be allowed to personally talk to the person you have chosen to receive the property. You will be required to sign a property release upon your transport to the Department of Corrections or to other agencies outside of the Phelps County Jail. The person(s) you select will have seven (7) working days to pick up the property from the jail or the items will be donated to a charitable organization or destroyed. You will not be able to take any non-approved items or personal belongings on transport with you to the Department of Corrections or any Federal Transport. No property, other than legal papers pertaining to an active case, is allowed on any Federal Transport. Transport Officers have final authority over all transported property.

MEDICAL SERVICES: If you have a medical emergency, notify a Jail Officer. Medical staff provides scheduled sick call and scheduled exams by the Jail Physician, licensed mental health professional and dentist. You must complete an Inmate Health Services Request form if you wish to see health professionals. If you submit an Inmate Health Services Request form, you WILL be charged for your medical visit. If you are requested to be seen by medical staff, you WILL NOT be charged for your medical visit. This policy is the same for ALL inmates, Federal Inmates included. You will be seen regardless of if you have funds in your commissary account or not. You will be charged a medical co-pay of $15.00 for requested visits to the doctor/nurse practitioner or nurse regardless if you are a county or federal inmate. This co-pay will be deducted from your commissary account. State inmates will be charged a $5.00 processing fee from your commissary account for each prescription that medical staff fills for you. No inmate will be denied medical attention due to lack of funds. In compliance with Missouri State Statute 221.120 inmates will be responsible for payment for all medical care while in custody. Medicine and medical attention for prisoners, definitions. 221.120. 1. If any prisoner confined in the county jail is sick and in the judgment of the jailer, requires the attention of a physician, dental care, or medicine, the jailer shall procure the necessary medicine, dental care or medical attention necessary or proper to maintain the health of the prisoner. The costs of such medicine, dental care, or medical attention shall be paid by the prisoner through any health insurance policy as defined in subsection 3 of this section, from which the prisoner is eligible to receive benefits. If the prisoner is not eligible for such health insurance benefits then the prisoner shall be liable for the payment of such medical attention, dental care, or medicine, and the assets of such prisoner may be subject to levy and execution under court order to satisfy such expenses in accordance with the provisions of section 221.070, and any other applicable law. The county commission of the county may at times authorize payment of certain medical costs that the county commission determines to be necessary and reasonable. As used in this section, the term "medical costs" includes the actual costs of medicine, dental care or other medical attention and necessary costs associated with such medical care such as transportation, guards and inpatient care. 2. The county commission may, in their discretion, employ a physician by the year, to attend such prisoners, and make such reasonable charge for his service and medicine, when required, to be taxed and collected as provided by law. 3. As used in this section, the following terms mean: (1) "Assets", property, tangible or intangible, real or personal, belonging to or due a prisoner or a former prisoner, including income or payments to such prisoner from Social Security, workers' compensation, veterans' compensation, pension benefits, previously earned salary or wages, bonuses, annuities, retirement benefits, compensation paid to the prisoner per work or services performed while a prisoner or from any other source whatsoever, including any of the following: (a) Money or other tangible assets received by the prisoner as a result of a settlement of a claim against the state, any agency thereof, or any claim against an employee or independent contractor arising from and in the scope of the employee's or contractor's official duties on behalf of the state or any agency thereof; (b) A money judgment received by the prisoner from the state as a result of a civil action in which the state, an agency thereof or any state employee or independent contractor where such judgment arose from a claim arising from the conduct of official duties on behalf of the state by the employee or subcontractor or for any agency of the state; (c) A current stream of income from any source whatsoever, including a salary, wages, disability benefits, retirement benefits, pension benefits, insurance or annuity benefits, or similar payments; and (2) "Health insurance policy", any group insurance policy providing coverage on an expense-incurred basis, any group service or indemnity contract issued by a not-for-profit health services corporation or any self-insured group health benefit plan of any type or description.

MEDICATION: It is your responsibility to come up to the area where the staff is giving out medications to receive your medication, with a cup of water, and you are required to take your medication at the time it is given to you in front of a Jail Officer or nurse. Hoarding or keeping medication is prohibited by Jail rules and regulations and may result in disciplinary action, and/or immediate termination of your medication.

FOOD SERVICE: During your stay at the jail, you will receive three meals per day which may be two hot meals and one cold meal. You are responsible for your issued cup and eating utensil. Keep them clean and no not tear them up. You will be charged to replace them. Special diets are dealt with on an individual basis per medical need as ordered by the Jail Physician. If you do not line up to receive your meal before the officer leaves, this will be considered a refusal of the meal. When you are finished eating, stack your tray and cups by the dayroom door on the cart when cart is available. If no cart is available, place them neatly stacked by the door. If you choose to follow a Religious Meal Preference or a Vegetarian Diet and are observed not following the chosen diet, you may be revoked on the requested diet and placed back on the normally prepared meals. If you change your mind and seek to go back to the Regular Meal Program, you surrender your rights to re-apply for the Religious or Vegetarian diets.

EXERCISE/RECREATION: You may be allowed to exercise in your pod on a daily basis if security permits, but you may be restricted to limited exercise because: You are classified as an escape or security risk and are on lock down. You have been evaluated by medical staff and their written recommendation is for you to not take part in recreation. Exercise times will be in the pod in the open area of the low level. Inmates on disciplinary restriction will be allowed a maximum of one (1) hour of exercise in their assigned pod (every day), they will use this time to make any phone calls on pod phones, take any showers that they desire, and use the pod kiosk for commissary purchases. Schedules for exercise may be changed at any time as determined by the Jail Administrator. You may exercise in your T-Shirt but must have your stripe pants on for exercise only. If you are not exercising or are called to the door by an Officer, you must put your stripe shirt back on. Protective Custody Recreation will be taken to booking where they will have access to the Shower, Phone and KIOSK. All Lock Down/Protective Custody recreation times are subject to the discretion of the jail staff. Inmates in Protective Custody status will be escorted to Booking for a minimum of One (1) Hour for Shower and Kiosk/Phone use. Lock Down/Protective Custody for A-Pod, G-Pod and Holding will be completed on Night Shift. Lock Down/Protective Custody for C-Pod and F-Pod will be completed on Day Shift.

SAFETY AND SANITATION: Inspections There will be daily fire/safety and sanitation inspections of your Housing Unit. Should your housing area fail to pass inspection, privileges can and/or will be withheld from the entire pod until all deficiencies are corrected.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: In the event of an emergency and/or evacuation of your Housing Unit, you are required to follow the directions of Jail Officers who will direct you on the proper evacuation routes and/or emergency procedures. Failure to follow evacuation procedures could result in criminal prosecution for escape or attempted escape.

SANITATION: You are required to clean your Housing Unit daily which includes floors, bars, walls, bunk area, toilet, sink and shower areas. If you are not asleep on your bed, your bed is to be made. You are not allowed to place anything on the walls of your Housing Unit. Your mattress and blanket will be sanitized or laundered each month. If you notice a pest problem in your Housing Unit, notify a Jail Officer.

P.R.E.A.: The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliance standards are required to be met within this facility. The Phelps County Sheriff s Department has a zero tolerance sexual abuse and sexual harassment policy. Our response to such conduct will be swift. In compliance with all state and federal laws and department policy, the Phelps County Sheriff s Department will require all staff to report immediately and according to policy any knowledge, suspicion, or information regarding any incident of sexual abuse or sexual harassment that has occurred within this facility. The staff of the Phelps County Sheriff s Department, in compliance with all state and federal laws and department policy shall protect inmates and staff who report sexual abuse or sexual harassment or cooperate with sexual abuse/harassment investigations from retaliation by other inmates or staff, and shall designate which staff members are charged with monitoring retaliation. Phelps County Jail staff shall accept reports of sexual abuse/harassment that are made verbally, in writing, anonymously, and from third parties and shall promptly document any reports. Following the investigation any person making a false report shall be charged criminally for filing a false report.

PREA HOTLINE #: 1-800-656-4673
If you wish to use the Russel House for your Advocate Services you may contact them by the number or address below:

RUSSEL HOUSE #: 1-800-998-8340
RUSSEL HOUSE ADDRESS: PO# 2259, Rolla MO 65402

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Showers All Housing Units have showers which can be used on a daily basis. Special Management inmates may be given the opportunity to shower at least three (3) times per week between the hours of 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Shower nights for Special Management inmates are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. These days are subject to change without notice at any time. Any inmate locked down in C or F Pod must take their shower during their recreation time.

HAIRCUTS: Haircuts are available upon request no more than one time per month, with the exception of inmates ready for trial with a court order or attorney to request a haircut within the one-month period. No unusual haircuts will be allowed (mow hawk, stripes, etc.). All haircuts will be provided by jail staff or inmates only (no barbers from outside of jail will be allowed). There may be a charge for haircuts which will be billed to your commissary account.

HYGIENE ITEMS: Jail does not allow any hygiene items to be brought in from the outside to inmates, with the possible exception of eye glasses, contact lenses, contact lens solution, dentures, and denture cream. Any solutions or creams brought in must be NEW and UNOPENED/SEALED. Razor handout is done twice weekly; you will be given one razor and one packet of shave gel. During razor pick-up you are required to return YOUR razor to the Jail Officer in person. Regular re-supply of hygiene items will be done one time weekly for all incarcerated inmates. Tooth paste, toilet paper, soap, and deodorant will need to be requested by the inmate at re-supply time. Toothbrushes are exchanged bi-weekly only. Combs are not exchanged. During re-supply, all old containers will need to be turned in for replacement. Replacement of cups and/or sporks will be provided as needed, and you will be charged according to the charge rates located at the end of this handbook. Approved additional hygiene items may be ordered off commissary only.

INDIGENT INMATES: You must be incarcerated in our facility without ANY money on your account before you will be considered for Indigent Status. If you do not have any monies to purchase items from the commissary and wish to receive and indigent packet, you may place that order on the kiosk located in your pod.

Items offered to indigent inmates are: writing materials, stamped envelopes, and a pen. If you qualify, you will be limited to 3 stamped envelopes, 6 sheets of paper, and 1 pen per week. The costs for these items will be billed as a negative balance against your inmate account and billed to you upon your final court disposition.

LAUNDRY / CLOTHING: Jail does not allow any clothing to be brought in from the outside to inmates, with the possible exceptions of inmates who need a change of clothing for trial, or inmates with vermin-infested or bodily-fluids soiled clothing. Jail is not responsible for court clothing unless jail determines it is necessary to retain court clothing for security reasons. Clothing and linens issued to you by the jail will be laundered twice weekly. T-shirts, boxers, socks and sports bras can be ordered from commissary.

INMATE WORKER PROGRAM: If you would like to apply for the Inmate Worker Program, notify a Jail Officer and complete a Request on the KIOSK. Your form will be forwarded to classification. Classification selects qualified inmates based on the following: If you have displayed a proper attitude If you are not on a Federal hold Your charges will be taken into consideration. If you pass a comprehensive physical and are cleared by the medical staff These requirements are subject to change without notice.

You have the right to send as much mail (legal or otherwise) as you want, provided you have the correct amount of postage.
Starting 04/16/2021 all incoming mail from family and friends will be scanned and it may be viewed on the KIOSK in the pods. The original incoming mail will be put in the inmate’s property and will remain there until the inmate is released. Any incoming mail that has foreign substances such as lipstick, perfume, cologne or body fluids of any kind on it will be returned to sender. Any incoming mail containing pictures, artwork or letters written with anything other than ink or pen will be returned to sender.

Starting 04/16/2021 all legal mail will be photocopied and originals will be shredded. The inmate will be brought to booking or the horseshoe and the legal mail will be opened in front of him/her and photocopied in front of him/her and the legal mail will be shredded in front of the inmate. The inmate will receive the copy.

Mail from friends and family will ONLY be accepted if it is on 5X7 postcards. Mail will be accepted unless the material is determined to be offensive according to community standards and legal standards or threatening to another. All incoming mail must have a return address with return name, regardless of whom it is from.

All outgoing mail should be put in an envelope and left unsealed, then placed in the window of your pod to be picked up by jail staff. If it is necessary to withhold outgoing mail or if incoming mail is rejected, you may be told the reason(s) of the delay.

There will be no correspondence between inmates in any other jail or correctional facility allowed.

Your mail is received and delivered Monday through Saturday, except for holidays. You may receive mail at the following address:

Your full name, including middle name
Phelps County Jail
(POD Number)
500 West 2nd Street
Rolla MO 65401

Any mail not addressed as above is subject to rejection by this facility.

PUBLICATIONS: Publications, both Free and Pay for View are available on Tablets provided by HomeWAV.  No outside publications will be accepted.  Publications post marked after 5/30/22 will be returned to sender.

MONIES: Monies may be deposited on your inmate account in several ways. There is a kiosk in the public lobby of the Sheriff s Department that will accept cash or credit/debit cards. The kiosk machine is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Family members may also call toll free (1-866-345-1884) to deposit money by telephone. Lastly, friends and family can visit the web at inmate deposits dot com to deposit money on the inmate account. Personal checks, cashier checks and money orders are no longer accepted. Cash is only processed upon intake or in the lobby kiosk. Any remaining balance on your account upon your release from custody will be issued to you in the form of a debit card. If you are being transferred to another facility, your balance will be released in the form of a check. If you are released after business hours, or on the weekend, a debit card with your full balance will be processed at 10:00am on the following business day. It will be your responsibility to come to the Sheriff s Department to obtain this card. Any balance remaining on your card for longer than 48 hours will begin to incur a charge by the issuing company. It is recommended that you obtain this card and use the balance before this time expires.

As stated in the inmate Rule Violations, 3-way phone calls to communicate with inmates within other pods are prohibited. Lock down and/or permanent loss of the Homewav system may be a result.

Anyone who has been in the custody of the Phelps County Jail will NOT be allowed an onsite HOMEWAV visit of any inmate currently incarcerated in the jail for a period of ninety (90) days from their release.

All onsite and offsite Visitation is suspended during security lockdown.

All onsite visitors are subject to search any time they are inside or on jail property.

All onsite and offsite visitors are required to cooperate and to be respectful of other visitors and staff.

All onsite and offsite visitors must be appropriately dressed. No short shorts, low cut shirts, etc. No loose or see-through tops are allowed. Any nudity or pornographic actions will result in a permanent suspension of any type of video communication.

All onsite and offsite Visitors will not be allowed access if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or appear to be showing alcohol or drugs on the HOMEWAV System.

All onsite Visitors must attempt to keep their children quiet and under control.

All onsite visitors are responsible to clean up their own messes.

All visitations are 30-minute visits.

When using the HOMEWAV Visitation from home or onsite:
Any nudity by the visitor will have the users account suspended without notice. Any nudity by the inmate will have the inmates account suspended without notice. If it is observed that the inmate is requesting the visitor to violate any of the rules, the inmates account will be suspended without notice.

As stated in the inmate Rule Violations, 3-way phone calls to communicate with inmates within other pods are prohibited. Lock down and/or permanent loss of the Homewav system may be a result.

HOMEWAV is set up by the visitor and paid for by the visitor. The inmate will have no monetary control over the account.

The jail commissary is managed and operated by a private contract provider. You may only purchase up to $125.00 per week. Transfer of money on your account to the account of another inmate or the transfer of commissary products is NOT ALLOWED. This includes releasing money from your account to have someone place money on another inmate’s account. All inmates in possession of purchased commissary items must show proof of purchase if requested by Jail Staff. Inmates should never be in possession of items issued or sold to other inmates.


HOMEWAV provides a law library that may be viewed on the system within the pods.



Discovery Computer Usage:
Time Per Viewing: One Hour max per day
Schedule: Hours for each day are 3pm to 11pm
(If court is still in session the times may be adjusted)

C & F Pods - Wednesday
A & B Pods - Friday
D & E Pods - Saturday
G Pods & Holding – Sunday


POD / CELL RULES: Definition of a Jail Fixture: Any surface or fixture owned by the Phelps County Jail You are never permitted to cross the red line in the dayroom area unless directed by jail staff You are never allowed to look through or touch the pod glass, you are allowed to clean the glass during AM or PM cleaning Intercoms in the dayrooms or cells are for EMERGENCIES ONLY, do not call on intercoms to check the time You must be fully dressed in a jail uniform anytime you are away from your bunk. T-Shirts are allowed after lights-out, in the sleeping area, or in your cell only. You must be in full uniform to accept any meals or medications. No exercising on stairs, doors, bars, cell doors, sink, toilet, bunks or any other jail fixture. You cannot sit or stand with your legs protruding through any stairs, bars or cell doors No hanging of ANY clothing on bunks, bars, doors, or any other jail fixture You cannot wash any laundry in the pods/cells unless directed by jail staff. We provide this service for you at scheduled times You must store all of your personal and jail issued belongings inside of your jail issued bag, including commissary items All empty bunks and window sills are to remain clear at all times or items will be confiscated and disposed of No hanging of any pictures, calendars or any other items on any surface or fixture in the jail You are not permitted to possess any personal/pod supply of cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are: paper towels, ANY liquid/powder cleaner, scrub brushes, scouring pads or any other cleaning products You are not to tamper with shower or bathroom curtains You are never allowed to loiter or sit on any stairs and no sitting on top of dayroom tables Your mattress must remain on your bunk at all times. No mattress is allowed on the floor unless authorized by jail personnel You are never allowed to make or use clotheslines in your pod/cell. If you destroy any jail property (sheets, blankets, clothing, etc.) you will be charged accordingly Lock down pod cell doors will open at the top of the hour for ten minutes. You will be allowed back into your cell during lockdown times, but you will have to wait until the top of the hour to get out of your cell.

INMATE HEADCOUNTS: You will go to your bunk or cell during morning head count or when directed to do so by staff. You will form an orderly line in the shape of a U on the lower level of the pod for the evening head count. All inmates in lock down pods will go to their assigned cell. Be still, keep quiet and ask NO questions of jail staff. Interference with head count may result in a rule violation.

LOCKDOWN: When directed to lock down - go to your bunk or cell immediately. Be still and keep quiet.

TELEVISION PRIVILEGES: TV remotes will be controlled by jail staff. The Jail Officers will determine what to watch, if anything. If there is a problem, the TV will be removed from the pod.

REPLACEMENT COSTS: To be deducted from your commissary account if they must be replaced while you are incarcerated in the Phelps County Jail:

Mattress $150.00
Uniform Top $15.00
Uniform Pants $15.00
Blanket $15.00
Sheet $15.00
Cup $2.00
Spork $1.00
Towel $5.00
Washcloth $3.00
Shoes $15.00
Food Tray $20.00
Laundry Bag $10.00
Library Book $5.00


United States Marshals Springfield
222 N John Q Hammons Pkwy
Springfield MO 65806

United States Marshals Saint Louis
111 S 10th St #6353
Saint Louis MO 63102

United States Marshals Jefferson City
80 Lafayette St #1230
Jefferson City MO 65101

Missouri State Public Defender's Office
901 North Pine Street #200
Rolla MO 65401

Court House's to include the Judges, Circuit Clerks and Prosecutors:
Phelps County Court
200 North Main Street
Rolla MO 65401

Pulaski County Court
301 Rte 66 #314
Waynesville, MO 65583

Dent County Court
112 East 5th Street
Salem MO 65560

Maries County Court
211 4th Street
Vienna MO 65582

Franklin County Court
401 East Main Street
Union MO 63084

Crawford County Court
111 3rd Street
Steelville MO 65565

American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri
906 olive Street
Saint Louis MO 63101